Does Your Retirement Planning Need CPR

When it comes to your retirement planning your focus has most likely been on the rate of return, the risk and your reward of your investments. While that is a major part of it, you also need to consider other factors that might have been forgotten. That is where CPR with the Calandra Financial Group comes in.

What Is CPR?

CPR stands for complete planning review. This is where you and your advisor sit down and go through all your retirement portfolio plans. This process will reveal some small issues or possible problems with your plans that you might not have realized were there. Your financial advisor combs through the plans and will produce information for you on changes that could be made to help the portfolio. You can then decide on how to proceed with the changes that are suggested.

Plan Smart

Smart planning is the key to success when it comes to retirement. You need to have made your plan and be able to retire comfortably. Instead of selling products, this planning process helps you to have a retirement plan unique to your situation. You can rest easy knowing that your financial plans are in order and that they fit you, not the rest of the retirement community.

Reach Your Goals

Working with the CPR process helps you to reach your goals you have set forth. Your advisor will research your portfolio, find potential problems and present you with a solution to get your retirement on the right track.

If you think your portfolio could use a little CPR, then be sure to contact us at 678.218.5925 to get your planning review started today.