Tips on Finding the Right Financial Professional

Finances can be overwhelming. In today’s economy, it seems like everyone is struggling to save and secure a sound financial future. With so many factors to consider, it’s easy to become confused. It is for these very reasons that many individuals turn to financial planners to assist them in making the best decisions for a successful future. How will you find the financial advisor that is right for you? Here are a few things to be mindful of when seeking out professional financial guidance.

Stick with the Professionals

Anyone can claim to be a financial planner, but that doesn’t make them qualified.  You want to find a knowledgeable, ethical advisor who will guide you with professionalism. Find out what certifications your potential financial planner has obtained. Don’t be afraid to ask what all those fancy letters and acronyms after their names mean. Take the time to talk to him and find out what education was required to obtain his certifications.

Understand Your Needs

Not all financial planners offer the same services. Some advisors may focus on investments and retirement, while others make take an all-inclusive, 360 degree approach to financial planning. Know what you expect from your financial advisor so that you can find the right match for your own needs.

Understand What They Do

Is financial planning your potential advisor’s sole occupation? Some planners wear multiple hats, with their primary careers in tax accounting or insurance sales. Understanding that these types of financial planners may have other incentives is important when selecting a financial consultant. Your best interests should be top priority with your advisor.

Go with your Gut

Sometimes you just know. Does your potential advisor make you feel comfortable? You should be able to trust your advisor. Pay attention to what your consultant is saying to you. Be wary of those who are vague about their investment results or what it is that they will do for you. Is your financial planner accessible? Your planner should be up front about how often you will meet, and should be able to get back to you in a reasonable amount of time.

Finding the right financial planner for you can seem intimidating. You deserve a professional, ethical planner who values you as a client and meets all of your needs. Remember these key points when seeking out your advisor, and look ahead for a successful financial future.

Deciding on Your Life Insurance Needs

The security of knowing that your loved ones wont be hindered with unexpected expenses and leaving them with the provisions of a financial security net is a crucial factor in your decision to determine what you need to get the most efficient life insurance coverage.

Finding financial services in Atlanta is the first step in the right direction to find the answers you need. Efficient coverage is crucial to your family’s ability to maintain their quality of living once you are gone. A professional financial management service that is knowledgeable in their field will ensure you the best coverage possible.

Here are a few things to consider in determining your life insurance needs:

  • Funeral and Burial arrangements
  •  Are there any members of my family that will need special care when I am gone?
  • Estate Cost, Bills and debts etc.
  • The provisions left behind should cover at least four years of care for my loved ones

Securing a service that will be committed to providing you the quality of service you deserve begins with you. You are the main piece to this puzzle. What your needs are individually is the first thing that a financial professional should take into consideration. The task of finding the best insurance coverage is based on individual characteristics of the insured.

The right coverage for you may not be the best or most efficient for someone else. A reputable financial services professional will make the process of determining your needs an inclusive process. The understanding of getting the best insurance for your needs is not only dependent upon the professional abilities of a financial service, but employing a service that understand that a “one size fits all” solution is not sufficient in providing good coverage for most people. This is mainly because the individual needs of the insured are not an influencing factor in their insurance coverage.

The first major rule of thumb in determining the best life insurance coverage for you require a thorough evaluation of your current living situation; take into account your current responsibilities and what and who will need to be covered once you are gone. This is a significant source to deciding what you will need. Working with a credible financial services firm will put your mind at ease by ensuring you achieve your goals in meeting those needs for your family.

Wealth Management in Today’s Economy

A decade ago, if someone asked you what you had in mind for your retirement goal, then you may have rattled off something about a couple of vacation homes, a ritzy sports car and plans to travel the world. However, as the economy dipped and spiraled over the next few years many of us were forced to shape quite a different game plan for our future. At some point, we all started becoming a little more realistic – and that’s definitely not a bad thing. Acting conservatively with your wealth management today can leave room for those little splurges down the line – especially as the economy rebuilds itself.

Wealth management means something different today than it did ten years ago. Now that we’ve survived one of the worst economic slips in modern history, we’re all a little wiser in choosing investments. If you’re like the rest of the country, you’ve had to take a serious look at your goals and decide what sorts of sacrifices and compromises you will need to make to reach your financial aspirations. Chances are, you’ve learned a lot about making the most of your money.

However, even the savviest of investors still needs a helping hand. By working with a seasoned financial specialist, you can gain helpful insight into wealth management opportunities and reach your retirement goals fast. That way, whatever the economy may bring over the next few decades, you and your finances will be prepared.

by Phil Calandra

Would A Divorce Financial Planner Be Beneficial?

People want to survive divorce with their emotions and finances intact. For that reason, they will look for ways to ensure the best possible outcome for their divorce. If you find yourself filing for divorce, it is imperative that you hire a divorce financial advisor.

Hire A Winning Divorce Team

While you might find the term, divorce team, a little weird in the beginning, you will soon realize that divorce attorneys are not the only ones you need with you. To obtain the best possible result, you need the support of other experts in particular people who can help to make sure your finances are well protected during the divorce and in the future. Acquire all the help that you need to plan a course strategically.

Experts Who Should Be On Your Team

The main key players that should be on your team should include a family/matrimonial lawyer, a divorce financial advisor, and a therapist. You should look for a family/matrimonial lawyer who is an associate of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. The association requires the members to fulfill a diversity of rigorous requirements. Some of the requirements include:

  • 75% of experience in family/matrimonial law
  • 10 years of admission to the Bar
  • Excel in oral and written examinations
  • Have an interest to pursue continuing edification

Divorce Financial Planner/Advisor

This person is responsible for constructing comprehensive financial projections and analyses that you as well as your lawyer will need to fully comprehend the temporary and permanent tax and financial repercussions of each proposed divorce settlement offer. He or she should work together with your divorce lawyer; nonetheless, his or her job is to take care of the vital financial tasks that are beyond the capacity of your divorce lawyer’s proficiency. The divorce financial planner should have:

  • A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst designation
  • Additional advanced training in divorce financial asset protection and planning strategies

Some divorce financial advisors have their own additional specialists such as a forensic accountant who is able to explore any concern in regards to hidden assets, income, liabilities or the probable debauchery of marital assets. His or her own valuation expert who can establish the worth of a professional practice or business, as well as determine the value of advanced training or degree, restricted stock and/or stock options in the marriage. If divorce is the only option, you should want the best possible outcome, would you not?

by Phil Calandra

5 Qualities to Look For in Your Atlanta Financial Advisor

Searching for a financial advisor is not so simple when you have the risk of getting an advisor that is not trustworthy. The downside of the economy has brought out the worse in some claiming to be advisors when they are not and numerous consumers have suffered great monetary losses as a result of this.Protecting your hard earned money is your obligation. There are certain characteristics you should look for in your search for an Atlanta financial advisor.

The following information is crucial to securing your best choice to protecting your money.The top five qualities of a good Atlanta Financial Advisor are:

    1. Professional – A professional appearance. First impressions are crucial.
    2. Communication – Open and honest communication with you is a priority. A good Atlanta financial advisor will want to keep up with your life challenges and changes so that they can advise you appropriately.
    3. History – A good financial advisor should have a good reputation and history in the field.
    4. Knowledge- A good financial advisor will be well educated in their field; always up to date with new and current trends and will offer advice and guidance on new products and issues that may affect your financial health.
    5. Credible – Trust and Honesty is one of the most important qualities you want to look for in an Atlanta financial advisor. This is the person who will help you in making critical decisions that will affect your life. A good advisor will ensure your comfort and educate you on the risks and benefits of your investment choices.

The financial decisions that many Americans are faced with today can be challenging. Your decision to seek the best advisor that you can is extremely important. Take the time to investigate, explore your options. Don’t just employ the first advisor or firm that seems to have all the answers. Compare the services of several different firms such as hidden costs, fees, training and certifications. Checking to see if they have ever been reported for unfair trades or practices is also very important. Consider your lifestyle and your family status, will you need an advisor that specializes in specific areas or who has a background that may fit your needs.

You have worked hard to build wealth. You deserve the best Atlanta financial advisor that will make you and your money a priority. This is a partnership.

-by Phil Calandra